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Miss Belkys, tapped at her machine with one finger, not understanding anything about computers, speaking no foreign languages, and on top of that hating accounting and business meetings. Despite these 'small' inconveniences, the day of her interview with the president, Mr. Raúl López Monti, she stood out among the 25 best educated candidates in the city and obtained, without too much effort, the coveted position of personal secretary.

As always, there were some jealous ones who said it was because of her plunging neckline and tight fitting skirt. Belkys, convinced herself that she earned the position thanks to the intensive marketing course which she took by correspondence at the Institute of Middle Studies in Tijuana.

The following day and in a rush, the president left with her on a 'business trip' for a week at ParadiseBeach, a trip that finally had to be extended to a month.

Back to the office, the new secretary asked for a raise which was immediately granted. Moreover, her boss announced that she had been an excellent assistant despite the fact that she hadn’t taken a single note because she had forgotten all the files at the office.

Extra informatie - Forchino - The Business Trip - LARGE

Artikelnummer GIFT-FO85044
EAN 8717127438440
Beschrijving merk Alle kunstwerken van The Comic Art of Guillermo Forchino hebben een humoristische uitstraling en zijn tot in finesse afgewerkt waardoor de figuren een ’ziel’ hebben gekregen.
De karikaturen worden verpakt in de krant "The Times Forchino" samen met de autobiografie van de kunstenaar. Tevens tref je een certificaat van echtheid in de verpakking en bij de gelimiteerde uitgaven zijn de sculpturen genummerd.
Breedte 29cm
Hoogte 23cm
Lengte 64cm
Product Status Uit de collectie
Brand Gift Forchino
Gift Collectie Forchino The Vehicles
Gift Materiaal Polystone / Polyresin
Type Gift Karikatuur kunstbeeld
Gelegenheid Gift Gift met betekenis, Liefde en Valentijn, Voor Haar, Voor Hem

Forchino - The Business Trip - LARGE

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