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  1. Lemax - Lighted Village Square Fountain W/4.5v Adapto
    Lemax - Lighted Village Square Fountain W/4.5v Adapto
    €55.99 €79.99
    • Theme: Lemax General
    • Power: 4.5V Adapter Included
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Lemax is in Europe the biggest brand of miniature christmas villages. Every year, Lemax renews its catalogue with many new articles for your miniature village. Discover the Lemax collection and its numerous houseschurcheswindmillsor towers & lighthouses. You can add life to your village with multiple figurines, with table pieces or with animated items such as Lemax trains or Jaegerndorfer cable cars. To complete your village, you can also enrich it with accessories like Lemax's adapters & lighting systems, with a large selection of trees or with many other accessories and decorative items available from within the accessories & decor ranges. 

Do not wait any longer, the new 2018 collection is already available online! 

Discover the most popular Lemax thematic villages

Lemax, the story

Since its creation in 1990, Lemax has been at the origin of the development of the miniature christmas villages. From a modest and picturesque selection of houses, the collection has expanded to encompass an entire universe of buildings, figurines and accessories. With all its collection, Lemax offers you the possibility to build at home your own village for each season of the year. The collection contains now a very large world of lighted buildingsfacadestable piecesfigurines and accessories & decor articles.

The Lemax houses are made of porcelain and the figurines made of resin. A wide range of accessories, table pieces such as merry go round, vehicles, horse carriages or boats are available. The product assortment also includes decorative elements such as trees, street lamps and fireworks. Often the buildings include an interior scene with warm colors. Collectors from around the world have discovered the pleasure of building their own village at home with the charming and enlightened worlds of Lemax.

Lemax propose several thematic villages:

Lemax Caddington Village: The charming Caddington Village. In this village, you will find houses with the elegance of the Victorian era, which are characterized by detailed architecture and a colorful daily life such as large cathedrals, beautifully decorated houses and characters dressed in sumptuous costumes. The Lemax Caddington village recalls the era of refinement.

Lemax Spooky Town: The supernatural and sinister figurines, ghosts and houses decorated with pumpkins find their place in the thematic village Spooky Town. The Lemax Spooky Town collection is devoted to frightening Halloween parties. Lemax explored the dark side of his imagination to make scenes that make people tremble as much as smile.

Lemax Plymouth Corners: Plymouth Corners tells the story of a new England village by the sea, from the harbor to the shopping streets. The smell of salt and sea air is so perceptible that we'd almost see the gulls swirling around! Build your Lemax village by starting with one of the lighthouses of this elaborate village collection!

Lemax Vail Village: The solid houses of the Vail Village collection are made of large wood, large boards of pine and black stones. The houses of Vail Village are in perfect harmony with nature and are adapted to severe winters. In this snowy paradise you never get bored.

Lemax Harvest Crossing: Harvest Crossing is the perfect example of a miniature Lemax American village. The architecture varies from traditional farms to urban residential neighborhoods. Harvest Crossing is made up of many shops and restaurants, all of which form a center of conviviality.

Lemax Santa's Wonderland: Santa's Wonderland is the favorite village among Lemax christmas village collectors for years already. This very joyful Lemax village illustrates the unique spirit of the christmas holidays. The Lemax houses and figurines make your christmas decoration even more special, and they bring us back to our childhood during the Christmas holidays. This village can possibly be completed with the Lemax starlight express train.

Lemax Carnival: A visit to the fair is the climax of the summer season in cities and towns throughout America. The Lemax Carnival collection contains many lively attractions and animated articles with sights and sounds that have been appreciated for years. The Lemax - Santa carousel, the Lemax - Victorian wheel, the Lemax - The Shooting Star and Lemax - Roundup are among the most popular attractions in this collection.

Lemax Sugar N Spice: Welcome to the sweetest Lemax village! Gingerbread and licorice are used as building materials in this village. These pretty little houses are inspired by the American gingerbread. The items in this collection make people think of sweets and candies.

Jukebox Junction: The village Jukebox Junction brings us back to the days of dancing skirts, motorcycles and drive in's where people went out to eat a tasty burger. Jukebox junction brings back memories of yesteryear.

At FelinaWorld, you will find articles from the Lemax collection at low prices. You can also discover great accessories such as adapters & lighting systemslighted accessoriestreesfacadesskating rink, and many more items for your village. 

Take a glimpse into the Lemax collection and you will instantly be seduced and captivated by the charming delights of the Lemax miniature world.