How do I trace & track my delivery ?

Shipment confirmation email with Trace & track information 

When your parcel is ready, it will be handed over to the transporter. At that moment, you will receive an email confirmation from FelinaWorld with your parcel number and with a trace & track link to the website of the transporter so that you can follow your delivery.

Your parcel shall be scanned on several occasion during transport and with this information you will know at any time where your parcel is and find out about its specific delivery date and time.

Trace & track information and additional delivery options on the transporter website

Often with your parcel number, you may be also able to access additional delivery options directly on the site of the transporter. For instance you may be able to modify your delivery address, get your parcel delivered at a different address, at your neighbour or to have the parcel delivered at a pickup point from the transporter. Please refer to the site of the transporter website to access the options directly. 

Orders with multiple deliveries

When you place an important order and when all the purchased articles do not fit within one parcel, your order shall be shipped with several parcels. All parcels have a unique parcel number and specific track & track information. Please refer to the site of the transporter for each parcel specific trace & track information.


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